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About Us

The lawyers at Harvey & Stuckel have been practicing workers compensation and personal injury law in Peoria since 1977. This firm was founded with the intent to represent injured individuals in need of legal support. As our firm has prospered we have helped clients with a variety of needs including auto accidents, wrongful death, and workers' compensation in Peoria. We represent victims throughout Illinois in State and Federal Court, and have appeared and argued cases in the Illinois Appellate and Supreme Courts. 

In workers’ compensation, we make sure your recovery is in your best interests, which includes making sure you have all of your medical bills paid, all of your time off work compensated, and we continue working even after your case is settled to make sure the terms of the settlement or award are complied with by the insurance companies. The goal is not only your compensation, but your peace of mind.

In personal injury cases, such as injuries from automobile, motorcycle or trucking accidents, construction accidents, slip and fall injuries, product failure or medical malpractice, our experience is not only in the preparation and trial of your case, but in the ability to negotiate and maximize the settlement you deserve.

There are no hidden costs and the person you work with at Harvey & Stuckel is the attorney you hire- your case won’t get shuffled to someone you have never met, or to an assistant or paralegal to answer your questions. The attorney you work with is the attorney whose ultimate goal is not just to get you back on your feet, but make you whole again. 

Worker's Compensation

Workers’ Compensation means paychecks while you are off work, quality medical care by some one you choose, and compensation for disability in the future.  ALL injuries must be reported to your... [Read More]

Personal Injury

Personal Injury means any injury you suffer that is caused by someone else, excluding your employer.  Personal injuries arise out of a variety of situations, including: [Read More]

Complete Personal Representation

Complete Personal Representation means the lawyers at Harvey and Stuckel can assist you in a wide variety of claims.  These include: [Read More]