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Employment Law in Peoria

Employment Law in Peoria

Employment Law in Peoria

Employment Law in Peoria is the expertise of the lawyers at Harvey and Stuckel. We are well-read in all aspects of employment law, including helping you with your complaints that you might have regarding your work. Employment law covers many acts and statutes such as the Minimum Wage Law and Employee Classification Act, among others, and Harvey & Stuckel can help you by using these laws to your favor.

When you feel that you are discriminated by your employer in the workplace, you need to let a firm proficient in employment law work for you. Workers have rights that they should be aware of, and employment law in Peoria outlines them so that the rights of workers are protected. The lawyers at Harvey and Stuckel know the importance of a good working environment. Therefore, as experts in employment law in Peoria, we are ready to help you with any labor issues you may have.




Aspects of Employment Law

Employment law protects workers and provides employers with guidelines for fair and gainful employment of staff and laborers. The United States Department of Labor oversees the enforcement of employment law as it pertains to different aspects of labor such as wages, safety, and retirement benefits. As such, businesses must stay updated with federal and state-specific employment law to ensure compliance on all levels.

First, employment law ensures that employees receive fair and adequate pay. The Fair Labor Standards Act is a piece of legislation that offers protection for employees through the enforcement of the Federal minimum wage, compensation for overtime, and limitations on the employment of children. For example, the law requires employers to pay time and one-half of a worker's regular pay for any overtime hours rendered.

Second, employment law protects workers from serious harm and injury while operating in a workplace environment. For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Act administered by OSHA requires employers to meet strict safety standards pursuant to their industry requirements and to conduct regular inspections to ensure that employees work in a hazard-free environment.

Finally, some other aspects of employment law provide industry-specific protection such as mining and construction safety. In addition, OSHA administers a whistle-blower protection program, assisting workers who have been wrongly terminated or replaced because of sharing potentially damaging information regarding their employers. The program awards back wages and helps reinstate workers who have been victims of termination due to whistle-blowing. These and many other aspects are covered by employment or labor law. 

Experts in Employment Law


Upholding Peoria Employment Statutes

Harvey and Stuckel has lawyers who uphold the Employment law in Peoria. Unfortunately, not all companies do the same. This is why we work hard to keep every worker’s right is not violated. We make sure that fair treatment is given to all employees and that they are compensated according to the employment law in Peoria.

Equal opportunity is a usual issue that is covered by employment law. When you think that you have been discriminated against during a job interview, let us know and we’ll work hard to fight for your rights. We understand how important it is for everyone to have a job. At Harvey and Stuckel, our lawyers will uphold the employment law in Peoria for the good of all workers.

Experts in Employment Law

Our firm has experts in employment law in Peoria. Aside from fighting for your rights as workers, we also have lawyers who show the same level of dedication in other related areas, including:

Harvey and Stuckel will provide the best legal advice for your case. Read the latest news to be updated with your rights.

Contact us today to learn more about employment law in Peoria.

Employment Law in Peoria - Harvey and Stuckel

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