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Democrats Pass Workers' Compensation Measures [2017-07-10]

On May 26, 2017, representatives of the State of Illinois fulfilled their promise of scrutinizing the current workers' compensation system as ordered by Governor Bruce Rauner.

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What's the True Cost of Workers' Compensation Reform [2017-01-27]

Advocates of So-called "Reform" in Workers' Compensation Turn a Blind Eye to Insurance Company Profits at the Expense of Protection of Illinois Workers.

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Appellate Court Confirms Protections for First Responder Claims for Post Traumatic Stress [2016-08-24]

Witnessing the traumatic death of a fellow firefighter gives rise to a compensable claim for post traumatic stress syndrome, affirming prior case law.

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Appellate Court Limits Employer's Use of AMA Rating of Impairment to Reduce Compensation Awards [2016-07-28]

The Appellate Court, Workers' Compensation division, finds in favor of injured workers in ruling the AMA Guidelines to Impairment are only one of five factors to be used in determining awards under the Workers' Compensation Act.

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Illinois Workers' Compensation "Reform" Benefits Insurers, Not Workers [2016-06-16]

Don't Be Fooled by the Talk From Governor Rauner - Workers' Compensation "Reform" is All About Insurance Profits - Not Jobs for Illinois 

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The Insurance Company Will Tell You Their Offer is Fair But Is It? [2016-05-27]

Some workers' compensation insurance companies are trying to tell injured workers their claims have limited value because a book called the AMA Guideline to Impairment, 6th Edition says so - DON'T BE TAKEN IN AND CALL US TO REVIEW ANY OFFER MADE TO SETTLE YOUR CASE!

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Medical Mistakes Third Leading Cause of Death [2016-05-19]

Medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death - and waiting is not only potentially fatal to the patient, but also to the patient's case!

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Wisconsin Court Strikes Down So Called Right to Work Statute [2016-05-18]

Common Sense Application of Constitution Protects All Workers

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Xarelto and Eliquis Victims Turn to Harvey & Stuckel for Direction They Can Trust [2016-05-05]

Calling an "800" number from television is not the way to obtain personal representation if you are the victime of blood thinners Xarelto or Eliquis.

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Misinformed Local Politician Attacks Injured Workers [2016-04-20]

Local County Board Member's Ignorance of the Law Leads to Attack on Injured Workers

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Misinformation In Springfield Attacks the Injured and Working Families [2016-04-06]

Once again the the problems of the State of Illinois are being tossed on the backs of the injured and working families.

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Like us on Facebook! [2016-03-04]

Legal News available on Harvey & Stuckel Facebook page.

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Keep your claim off social media! [2016-01-04]

Never post anything about your injury or worker’s compensation claim on social media. Anything you post is fair game for the other side to use against you in ways you never thought about when you made the post.

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When Should I Report an Injury at Work? [2016-01-04]

Don't be confused about your obligations following the injury.  The most basic is to report the injury in a timely manner.

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Online Calculator No Substitute for Personal Consultation [2016-01-04]

Online "Pain & Suffering" Calculators Cannot Give You the Experience and Knowledge Necessary to Make the Right Decisions About Your Injury Case - Harvey & Stuckel Can.

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