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Online Calculator No Substitute For Personal Consultation


If you do a simple search asking how much your personal injury case is worth, you will get page after page of "pain and suffering" calculators.  In reviewing these sites, they give general information about how a case is evaluated.  You will be asked where your injury occurred, how much your medical bills were, and what type of injury you had, and other general questions.  You will then be given a figure.  But do you know who it is that is giving you this advice?  How can you be sure this person has any experience or has even tried a case to a jury? 

The short answer is you don't know.

The best answer is to call David Stuckel or J. Kevin Wolfe at Harvey & Stuckel.  We have tried cases throughout the State of Illinois and have the experience to give you the best advice about your case.  Call us today for a free consultation.  Whether you have been in an auto accident, construction accident, were hurt by a defective product or by medical negligence, or whatever your injury claim is, we will sit down with you, discuss all the facts and circumstances of your case, and give you the advice and counsel you need to maximize your recovery.  Call us today.


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