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Peoria Personal Injury Attorney

Peoria Personal Injury Attorneys

Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Peoria

Torts are a way for the justice system to provide compensation for those wronged, at the expense of the offenders. In terms of personal injury law, people are protected from those who inflict bodily harm, through payment for medical bills, paid days off, and other damages. Personal injury law pertains to all legal aspects of any untoward incident resulting in harm, including the legal defenses used in civil lawsuits brought about by wrongful conduct. Personal injury claims are made by the injured to collect compensation from another entity for the consequences of the other's actions, often negligence.

When you sustain any physical injury from a workplace accident, car accident, or an accident or incident in any public place such as a restaurant or a store or in your neighborhood, someone must claim responsibility of the incident and ensure that the right amount is paid to you for your injuries and inconvenience. In turn, you need someone who will help you while you're unable to process your personal injury claim. Therefore, a personal injury attorney in Peoria is the right person to help you, and Harvey & Stuckel are armed with the law so you can receive what you deserve.




Expert Attorneys of Physical Injury Law

Phases of a Personal Injury Claim

In any personal injury claim, a process is followed, and steps are performed with your personal injury lawyer to ensure that you receive the best compensation. We outline some of the general steps so you may know how the experts at Harvey & Stuckel will help you with your personal injury claim.

First, a discovery phase allows both sides to obtain relevant facts regarding the incident. This may be referred to as an all-encompassing body of information related to the case, including, for example, the statement of the injured, the statement of the employer, the findings of the responding officers in case of an accident, and other pertinent information. Discovery reduces the possibility of surprises during trial and allows each side to prepare fully for the case. The basic methods of the discovery process include written discovery, document production, and depositions.

Second, a trial is held for a judge or jury to examine the evidence, decide whether the defendant should be held legally responsible for the injuries suffered by the plaintiff, and determine the amount awarded to the plaintiff. The plaintiff presents his or her case to the court, hoping to obtain a favorable judgement. Thereafter, the defendant is given a chance to refute the plaintiff's case. This phase includes jury selection, opening statements, witness testimonies and cross-examination, closing arguments, jury deliberation, and the verdict.

However, the personal injury case may not actually proceed to the second phase, as disputes may be resolved before trial through settlements, alternative solutions, or dismissal of the case. As going to trial may be more expensive, and you do not want to be spending more after your injury, you need a good personal injury lawyer to assess your goals and recommend the best course of action. At Harvey & Stuckel we will represent you during negotiations so that you are assured of the best benefits. The experts at Harvey & Stuckel will give you what you deserve.

Your Personal Injury Attorney in Peoria

As your expert personal injury attorneys, the lawyers at Harvey & Stuckel can help you in every step of the way. For more than 30 years, we have helped injured people resume normal live by giving them the best compensation they deserve. We are responsible professionals who want to see you get through your difficult ordeal, so we make sure that you are properly compensated and that negligent parties are made to pay for their actions. In this way, not only do we help you recover physically, but we also ensure that you have enough to live by as you recuperate from your injuries.

At Harvey & Stuckel, we do not charge for the initial consultation. We know that you must prioritize other expenses such as medical bills and expenses for your family while you are out of work as a result of your injury. Therefore, as your personal injury attorneys in Peoria, we are responsible for taking care of you and helping you get through your problem without having to charge you significantly upfront. We want you to have peace of mind by knowing that experts are at work to remedy your case. Trust Harvey & Stuckel today to be your personal injury attorney in Peoria IL.

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Expert Personal Injury Attorney in Peoria IL - Harvey & Stuckel

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