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Workers Compensation Reform

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Reform

In a published article by the Bloomington Pantagraph dated August 25, 2013, it is mentioned that workers compensation costs in Illinois have been a major discouragement for business planners, until now. Workers compensation reform signed by Gov. Pat Quinn in 2011 is now reaping its rewards. The Bloomington Pantagraph writes:

“According to a report last week by the Illinois Department of Insurance, employers in the state have saved $315 million since reforms were passed and signed by Quinn. Illinois insurers have been advised to cut their rates by another 4.5 percent this year. That would bring the total reduction to 13.3 percent since the law was passed. ”

This is definitely good news to workers and employees. The reform of 2011 has made some significant changes when it comes to workers compensation. Firstly, there is the 30 percent cut in the workers compensation medical fee schedule. The reform also instituted a program for employees to receive cost-effective medical treatment. Lastly, the appointment and training of arbitrators were improved. This resulted in some arbitrators leaving the system, and higher standards left for new ones.

Improving Workmans Comp

Despite this good news, the editorial also mentioned some of the areas where workers compensation can still be improved. One of them is how the state needs to work on its low standards in proving that an injury was work-related. Apparently, employees have been collecting benefits even though the performance of their work tasks is not the primary cause of an injury.

The article adds: “Everyone agrees workers should be compensated for injuries that occur on the job. But Illinois allows workers to claim injuries that are not directly work-related. Gov. Quinn says he is open to more reform.”

Having a stricter screening process for claims will allow genuine claimants to receive a better package for worker compensation. When this happens, the worker compensation system becomes more streamlined, and workers are more motivated to do their work properly.

Original article here.

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