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Since 1977 the lawyers at Harvey & Stuckel have helped injured people put their lives back together.  Whether its paycheck replacement when you are unable to work, making sure medical treatment is available and bills are paid, or fair compensation for long term disability, you can count on our years of experience to get the job done.

There is never a charge to review your case.  Let us help you avoid the mistakes that destroy a potential claim before it gets started.  Call today for a no fee and no obligation appointment to see an experienced lawyer.

You won’t see us on a TV ad because thousands of happy clients send in their friends, relatives and co-workers.  Don’t take a chance with your life.  Get the winning experience you need to make sure the law works for you!

Worker's Compensation

Workers’ Compensation means paychecks while you are off work, quality medical care by some one you choose, and compensation for disability in the future.  ALL injuries must be reported to your... [Read More]

Personal Injury

Personal Injury means any injury you suffer that is caused by someone else, excluding your employer.  Personal injuries arise out of a variety of situations, including: [Read More]

Complete Personal Representation

Complete Personal Representation means the lawyers at Harvey and Stuckel can assist you in a wide variety of claims.  These include: [Read More]