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If you need workers compensation, personal injury, or wrongful death lawyers in Peoria or across the State of Illinois, a phone call and free consultation is the best way to make sure your claim begins on a path to success. Call us toll free at (800) 342-2115, and you will speak with one of our lawyers - not a paralegal, clerk or assistant.


We are located at 101 SW Adams, Suite 600, Peoria IL, 61602.  We're in the heart of downtown Peoria, Illinois, with easy access from Interstate 74, and are available for a free consultation  - make the call, and start your claim off right!

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Worker's Compensation

Workers’ Compensation means paychecks while you are off work, quality medical care by some one you choose, and compensation for disability in the future.  ALL injuries must be reported to your... [Read More]

Personal Injury

Personal Injury means any injury you suffer that is caused by someone else, excluding your employer.  Personal injuries arise out of a variety of situations, including: [Read More]

Complete Personal Representation

Complete Personal Representation means the lawyers at Harvey and Stuckel can assist you in a wide variety of claims.  These include: [Read More]